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IEC International Good Price For Low Temperature Test Machine CZ-F-80D

MOQ :1 piece

Lead Time :15 Days

Seller Support : Trade Authenticity Guaranteed & Accepting

Payment : L/C,T/T,Credit Card,Western Union,Money Gram,Other

Departure Port : Shenzhen,Guangzhou,Shanghai,Ningbo

Product details

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability:160 piecesWarranty(Year):1 Year

Packaging & Delivery

  • Length:120 cmWidth:125 cm
  • Height:1600 cm
  • Packaging:1 piece

Product Specifications

Product Description

Low Temperature Test Machine

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Major Function:

This series of products apply to aerospace products, information electronic instruments, vehicle, metal, electrician, material, electronics and kinds of components under the condition of low temperature environment for its performance index examination and quality inspection.

 Major Specification:



Test specimen limitation

1)inflammable material ,explosive material, easy to volatile material test sample are forbidden;

2)storage corrosive substances test sample is forbidden;

3)storage biological test is forbidden;

4)storage strong electromagnetic emission source for test sample or storage are forbidden;

Capacity / Weight /Dimension




Internal dimension

400×500×400  (mm)    W×H×D



About 900×1370×950 (mm)   W×H×D



Working noise

≤70db (The value got at the point with 1 meter away from the front site of the machine and 1.2 height from the ground.)

Watt / Current / Working power

Max watt


Max current



Power supply requirement and source

1)AC 220V single phase R, N+protective grounding;voltage fluctuation range 10%

2)Frequency fluctuation range:50±0.5HZ;

3)Power supply method: TN-S or TT method

4)Grounding resistance of protection ground wire

5)User should equip with relevant capacity air switch or dynamic switch on the installation site, and the switch must control this machine only. When the electrified test sample is put in the test chamber, the power of the test sample should be connected with extra power, don’t use the power of this machine;

Performance Index

Use environment condition

environment temp. is +25,R.H. is ≤85,no test sample in the chamber;

Temperature range

temperature range: -40RT

Control accuracy

temperature resolution: 0.01           temperature deviation: ±1                  

temperature uniformity:≤2             temperature fluctuation: ±0.5                 

Cooling rate

+25-40≤50 min

Note: Pls confirm the heat capacity of steel ≤35kg/m3 ;when humidity time,no heat resource;

Note: Performance index above is under the condition of environment temperature is +25, and R.H. is ≤85,no test sample in the chamber;

Responding standard and test method


Electronic Electrician Product Environmental Test

Part :test method ;Test Alow temperature

2. GJB150.4A2009       Low temperature test method

3. GB2423.22-2008 Electronic Electrician Product Environmental Test ;

Part :test method;

Test Nb:specified temperature change speed rate of temperature variation

4. GBT 2424.5-2006        Electronic Electrician Product Environmental Test

Temperature test chamber performance confirmation

5.GB/T 10589-2008        Low temperature test chamber technical condition


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