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Universal Testing Machine For Stretch /Compress/Tensile /Tear Test(CZ-8000)

MOQ :1 piece

Lead Time :15 Days

Seller Support : Trade Authenticity Guaranteed & Accepting

Payment : L/C,T/T,Credit Card,Western Union,Money Gram,Other

Departure Port : Shenzhen,Guangzhou,Shanghai,Ningbo

Product details

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability:180 piecesWarranty(Year):1 Year

Packaging & Delivery

  • Length:104 cmWidth:78 cm
  • Height:228 cm
  • Packaging:1 piece

Product Specifications

Product Description

Major Function:

This system of tensile test machine adopts full computer control, used for test all kinds of rubber, plastic, metal, wire or cable, nylon, water-proof materials, non-nylon materials,fabric,paper,aviation,packing,architecture,petrochemistry,electric appliance materials;


Use different fixtures could be used to do tension, stretch test, shearing force, adhesion, peeling force, tear strength test, sticky relay test of various material, such as food bottom, tyre, rubber tubing, bead apex(core), plastic cloth, plastic plate, metal , package thin film, acryl, ERP, ABS, EVA, PV finished or semi-finished products dumbbell specimen etc.

Major Specification:



Technical parameter

1.The largest test weight:2000 KG(20KN), 10KN,5KN,2.5KN,1KN,500N,250N,100N(optional)

2.test accuracy: less than 0.5%

3.stretch room:850 mm (standard type)

(The maximum distance without fixture installed on the machine, details see as picture H1)

4.effective test width:409mm

5.sampling rate: 100times/second

6.measurement range:0.4%-100%FS

7.indicating value accuracy:1/500000

8.displacement value resolution:0.00004mm

9.displacement error of indication: within +/-0.2% of the indication value

10.displacement rate control range:0.001-500mm/min

11.displacement rate control accuracy: less than +/-0.2% of the value

12.indicating error of small deformation: less than+/-0.5%of the value 

13.measurement range of the small deformation:0.2%-100%FS

14.accuracy of the small deformation: 1/500000

15.indicating error of the large deformation: less than +/-1% of the value

16.measurement range of the large deformation: 0-900m%

17. accuracy of the large deformation: 0.001mm

Body dimension

(standard type)

793*553*1550 (pedestal is not included)


793*553*2095(pedestal is included)



(standard type)

About 195 kg

About 252 kg


blue sky with warship gray

Structure Feature:












Test software

U21 material test software

high resolution,high accuracy,easy for operation and the lab common use,enough for kinds of materials stretch,compress,bend,shear,tear,peel test etc.

Software Function Features:

1.         clear to zero automatically:the starts order received,the test system back to zero automatically;

2.         deformation switchover:When use the electrical extent instrument to test the bent strength,the software will recognize it,and points out the method of deformation

3.         back automatically:choose automatic back function,after break or crack test,the beam will back to initial position in a quick speed;

4.         test procedure:The test procedure,display,analysis and others are completed by the PC;

5.         display method:The curve can display any time and enlarge to its best size automatically during the test time;
Use the mouse could partly enlarge the curve,it is more convenient for user to get across the function in any test period;

6.         result appears again:the software structure into groups,the data storaged and deal with based on MS-ACCESS storeroom ,easy for connecting with the office software;test result can pick up or store any time,the material curve in the storeroom can be analysed again;

7.         curve skim through:after the test,use the mouse to find out each value of the point and the deformation information,it is convenient for getting kinds of test information from various of materials;

8.         result contrast:many groups of the curves can be used in different colours for adding up together,the formal information appears again,enlarge the curve and show a group of analysis constrast of the test sample;       

9.         test report:The report can be printed as it is listed,also could be transferred to PDF,Word,Excel etc.form;

stretch test:maximum force,stretch intension,broken extender rate,elasticity,modulus of elasticity etc.;

bend test:maximum force,bending strength,deflection,modulus of elasticity etc.;

compression test: maximum force,compression strength,shear strength,modulus of elasticity etc.;
also could set programs and printing on demand for the test report according to the customers’  requirements;

10.      limitation protection:program control and mechanical limitation double protections

11.      overload protection:when the load is over 3-5% of the setting load,the machine will be autostop,also could be set the overload protection value freely by users;

12.      other protections:can set overtravel.overtime protection;

13.      urgency stopping:scram switch equipped,used for cut off the total power of the machine when emergency situation appeared;

14.      support stretch ,compression,bend,shear,tear,peel etc test;need to select different fixtures

15.      multi-country languages can change,no language barrier;


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