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CASS Test Salt Spray Test Machine

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Lead Time :15 Days

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Product details

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability:150 piecesWarranty(Year):1 Year

Packaging & Delivery

  • Length:210 cmWidth:130 cm
  • Height:160 cm
  • Packaging:1 piece

Product Specifications

Product Description

1.Major functions:

  Salt spray test chamber is specially designed for the testing of the corrosion resistance of the products after their material surfaces have been treated with electric plating,anodizing,spray coating,anti-rusting oil and other anti-erosion treatment.



 (1)Lab internal dimension (L*W*H)mm:1200*800*500

 (2)Lab external dimension(L*W*H)mm1900*1100*1400


3.Major technical parameter:

 (1)Lab temperature: Salt test (NSS ACSS)   35±1 degree / Corrosion Test (CASS)50±1 degree

 (2)Pressure Pot Temperature:NSS ACSS:47°C±1°C; CASS:63°C±1°C;

 (3)Salt temperature:35°C±1°C; 50°C±1°C;

 (4)Temperature Fluctuation:≤±0.5

 (5)Temperature Uniformity:≤±1

 (6) Temperature Deviation:≤±1

 (7) Salt Volume: 1.0-2.0ml/80cm2/h(at least collecting 16 hours and take the average value)

 (8) Ralative Humidity in the Lab: above 85%

 (9)Salt concentration:sodium chloride solution with 5% concentration or less than 0.26g copper chloride is added to each liter of sodium   chloride solution with 5% concentration

(10) Air Pressure1.00±0.01kgf/cm2

 (11) Value PH6.5-7.2  3.0-3.2

 (12) Lab Capacity:480L

 (13)Salt Box Capacity:40L

 4.Structure features:

  (1)The lab is made of import PVC from NANYA,TAIWAN with the thickness of 5mm,and the resistant temperature is 85℃.

 (2)The sealed cap of the lab is made of import acrylic version from Europe with its thickness of 6mm.

 (3)The test added bottle is a hidden planning water table which makes it is easy to clean and hard to break.

 (4)The pressure pot is made from SUS#304 stainless steel with high pressure resistance and have a good efficiency on temperature keeping.

 (5)The lab frame adopts the plane dividing holder which can adjust to the salt spraying and make the spraying balanced in the lab with many test pieces placed in it at one time.


5.The systems of the machine:

 (1) Spray Method: continual spraying

 (2) The body of the machine is PVC material with stereo reinforcement technology inset which has a strong structure with anti-acid and alkaline and high resistance to the temperature,thus making the machine no shapeless and aging.With that material,it can used to test kinds of salt fog and copper acetate specifications.

 (3)The controllers operated easily as they are working on the same platform.

 (4)Double over-temperature protection, which can alert when the temperature is beyond and can cut off the power of electric heater to make sure the safety.

 (5) Automatic/manual operate feeding water system to guaranteer the water supply

 (6)Special glass nozzle can last 4000hrs,make sure no crystallization block and spraying uniformed.

 (7)Import thermometer which works with digital displaying PID and control the temperature itself.

Import timer,can subsect time with hour,minute,seconds,thus the time can adjust when testing.Besides,the timer can set the time scope from 0.01 seconds to 9999 hours.

 (8)The lab adopts steam direct heating mode with high warming speed and low standby

time.The heating pipe is high corrosion resisting titanium tube.

 (9)The spray tower adopts the cone-shape decollator,can adjust the fog volume and guide the fog and make the spraying uniformed

 (10)The distribution box equipped with platoon fan which can dehumidified the humidity in case of damage the control electric appliance in the wet weather

 (11)The seal grooves utilized water sealed method and deepen the fog automatically to make sure no leakage.

 (12)When the test is over,the indicator light will alarm.

 (13)The sealed cap used the same material as the large machines with air cylinder lift and down automatically,easy to operate.

 (14)Equipped with automatic demisting device which can observe the tested products clearly in the lab.

 (15)The pressure pot adopts Henry’s Law,which can heating and humidifying and provide the needed humidity in the lab.

6.Instructions for the testing system of the machine:

  (1)salt testing method: NSS  ACSS

a. lab: 35°C±1°C;

b. pressure pot: 47°C±1°C;

  (2)Erosion-resistant testing method: CASS

a. lab: 50°C±1°C

b. pressure pot:63°C±1°C


7.Air supply system:

  (1) air pressure adjustment devided into two sections1kg/cm2

  (2) b.the first adjustment to pour out the air is 2kg/cm2,then the second is 1kg/cm2


8.Salt spraying method:

  (1) Demisting mode adopts Bernoulli Principle to absorb brighten mist it. Degree of misting is even, without blocking crystallization can ensure the standard of continuous testing;

  (2)Nozzle:special glass nozzle,can adjust the volume of the fog spraying and the spraying direction

  (3)Spraying volume adjustment:1-2ml(ml/80cm2/h)(the average magnitude within 16 hours)

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