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High and Low Temperature Test Machine For Lighting Product CZ-E-40

MOQ :1 piece

Lead Time :30 Days

Seller Support : Trade Authenticity Guaranteed & Accepting

Payment : L/C,T/T,Credit Card,Western Union,Money Gram,Other

Departure Port : Shenzhen,Guangzhou,Shanghai,Ningbo

Product details

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability:200 piecesWarranty(Year):1 Year

Packaging & Delivery

  • Length:100 cmWidth:107 cm
  • Height:147 cm
  • Packaging:1 piece

Product Specifications

Product Description

Major Function:

Constant high and low test machine is also called environment testing machine,used to test various types of materials for their tolerances of heat,cold,dry,humidity.Applicaiton:Quality inspection for all types of electronic products,electric applicance,and products from communication, instrument, automobile, plastic, metal,food,chemical,building materials,medical and aerospace industries.

Performance Index:

1.Internal capacity:40L

2.Internal dimension:300×450×300(mm)    W×H×D

3.External dimension:About800×1317×850(mm)  W×H×D

4.Weight: About 200kg

5.Working noise:≤70db (The value got at the point with 1 meter away from the front site of the machine and 1.2 height from the ground.)

6.Maximum power:About 2.6KW

7.Corresponding standards:

GB11158  high temperature test technical conditions

GB10589  low  temperature test technical conditions

GB10592-89  high and low temperature test technical conditions

GB/T2423.1-2001  low temperature test chamber method

GB/T2423.2-2001  high temperature test chamber method

GB/T2423.22-2001  temperature change test method

IEC60068-2-1.1990  low temperature test chamber method

IEC60068-2-2.1974  high temperature test chamber method

GJB150.3     high temperature testing

GJB150.4     low temperature testing

8.Maximum current:About 10A

9.Power supply requirement and source

1)AC 380V three phases with four wires and protective grounding;

voltage fluctuation range 10%

2)Frequency fluctuation range:50±0.5HZ;

3)Power supply method:TN-S or TT method

4)Grounding resistance of protection ground wire

5)User should equip with relevant capacity air switch or dynamic switch on the installation site,and the switch must control this machine only.

when the electrified test sample is put in the test chamber,the power of the test sample should be connected with extra power,don’t use the power of this machine;

10.Heating/cooling rate(empty chamber) :RT→+150≤45 min  ; RT→+2510 min

Structure Feature

Chamber structure

internal material: 304# stainless steel with 1.2 mm thick

external material: 304# stainless steel with 1.0mm thick or

( cold-roll steel sheets with 1.2mm thick,optional)

heat preservation material: polyurethane foam rubber with 100 mm thick

controller cabinet and test chamber integral type

fixed foot cup and moved trundle are installed under the chamber

Air conditioning channel

inside air space,recirculating wind channel and stainless steel cycle fan,through the top window and air diffuser,the wind will out uniformly from the top,let the reconciled temperature from the harmonic room diffuses to the test area,which could reach the purpose of control temperature uniformly.

Door of the chamber

1)single open door


3)anti-condensation electric heating device

4)vacuum auto-defog transparent window

5)window floodlight

Lead test hole

three cable holes with Φ100mm,enclosed with relative sealing device,for power on test use,the open hole site under the confirmation

Observation window

designed in the door with 400*400mm transparent electric radiant heating film with cavity toughened glass(equipped with anti-condensation function)

Control panel

TEMP880 Touch Screen LCD, import from Korea

lighting lamp switch,total power switch,RS-485 communication interface

Machine room

refrigerating unit,exhaust fan,drainage device,adjustable back window,water vapor outle

Test material frame

adopt 304# stainless bent into net sharp,easy for use,the distance between the material frame could be adjusted(the smallest distance is 50mm),standard equipped two pieces,each shelf withstands 50kg

Power distribution control cabinet

general power disconnector,controller,switch panel,heat rejection fan,overheat protector

Heating system

adopt the scale heat rejection heating pipe P.I.D. control the heating so let the temperature gets the balance

Refrigerating System

Refrigeration method

to keep the cooling rate and minimum temperature requirement,this test room adopts binary compound refrigerationg system,the folding style refrigeration system includes one high temperature level refrigeration cycle and a low temperature level refrigeration cycle,quantity of heat exchanges through ecvaporative condenser

Refrigeration compressor

adopt low temperature compressor from

Cooling method

air-cooled scale condenser,circulating fan for heat dissipation


finned tube heat exchanger

Evaporative condenser

adopt high temperature copper braze heat exchange,small superficial area,less energy loss,high heat change effeciency

Throttling device

thermostatic expansion valve ,capillary tube

Oil separator

isolate the refrigeration oil from the high temperature and high pressure refrigerating fluid when the compressor extracted,and then back to the curve rail cavity of the compressor for lubrication and cooling use

Dry filter

absorption for the residual water and acidic material from refrigerating fluid in refrigerat -ing system,filtrate the solid impurity grain,copper cuttings of system,keep the normal working of expansion valve and capillary,in case of ice blockage and filth blockage

Refrigerating  fluid

adopt environment protected refrigerating fluid R404A/R23

Electrical control system


import controller,separately control temperature  (SAMWONKOREA,LCD touch screen controller TEMP880.




Procedure capacity and control function

1)operational procedure capacity:max:120 groups;

one procedure could consist of 1 to 99 sections.

2)operational memory capacity:1200 sections,could repeat executive command:each

command could repeat 999 times,the slope setting of the procedure could be set

through the timer shaft,the jointing use could be set among the procedures,the

procedure making can adopt dialogue type,easy to operate with edit,eliminate and

insert function,4 groups of time signal output control(can control the test sample

ON/OFF option).

3)9 groups of PID parameter setting,the procedure will have the overleap section,keep functions,can connect the computer


RS-485 communication interface,could be used for monitoring and remote control the system,record the test datas

Running method

procedure method/definite value method

Setting method

Chinese/English interface,touch input

Setting range

maximum temperature range±5

Display resolution

temperature: 0.01;  humidity: 0.1% ;  time: 1min;

Power off memory function

can set the power off recover mode:heat rising/cool rising/stop,the largest power off memory time is 3 years

Reserve starting up function

can set the starting time anytime,after the power is connected,time arrives,the machine will be stop working automatically


PT100 platinum resistor

Curve record function

1)with barratry protective RAM,can keep the set value of the machine,sampling value and time of sampling moment;

2)maximum record time is 60 days(cycle of sampling is 1.5 min)

Software using environment

IBM compatible PC,over PCPU,over 128 M internal momery,simple Chinese with Windows2000 or Windows XP operation system

Loops fan

low noise with many wings centrifugal fan


1)import nichrome electric heater

2)heater controller method:contactless recurrent pulse to adjust the width,

SSR (solid- state relay)

Control mode

integral wind up saturation PID,BTC balance adjust temperature control method(temperature test equipment)

Safety Protection Device

Refrigerating system

compressor overheat,overcurrent,condensated fan overheat



extremity overtemperature,fan,motor overheating relay


leakage protection,overload and short-circuit protection


environment condition

keep the environment temperature around the machine within 0+40


site condition

1. Customers should make sure the needed dimension for the machine installation

2. The distance between the right/left/back site and wall should at least more than

800mm,the distance between the front site and the wall should be at least 1000mm.

3. Make sure the door gate,gallery or the elevator can pass through the machine in case of affecting your company progress.

Shipping  method

The whole machine be shipped at one time

The Third Party Calibration

1.Before shipping,if the customer need to calibration by the Third Party(The validity inspect report showed by State Environmental Test Equipment Quality Test Center),the cost and fees will be paid by customer.If the first examination do not qualified,after the supplier improved,the second check fees will paid by the supplier;

2.The customer himself authorizes the State Environmental Test Equipment Quality Test Center to check it.


Quality Guarantee

Our company passed the ISO9001 Quality Certification System in June 2000 and passed the ISO9001 Quality Control System of the 2000 edition of the review.

Our company implement ISO9001:2000 Standard to make sure the quality.




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